About OCTo


OCTo will be the source for the most adopted, industry standard specification that enables digital distribution for businesses in the experiences industry.


Improve outcomes for guests, suppliers, and retailers across the experiences industry.

Advocate adoption of the specification in order to promote innovation.

Deliver a set of industry standard messaging specifications for connectivity between technology partners.

Open Connectivity for Tourism (OCTo) was conceived to solve the problems inherent with connecting multiple systems within the complex experiences distribution space.

OCTo’s mission is to develop specifications to ensure guest and supplier information flow smoothly throughout the in-destination activities booking flow regardless of who is supplying or reselling the activity. OCTo creates and drives adoption of an open specification for the electronic exchange of product, booking, and guest information specifically for the experiences industry.

OCTo is a community of companies representing booking platforms, online travel agencies, channel managers, and other electronic intermediaries.

OCTo members have worked closely together to identify what messages are needed, prioritizing the work and creating the messages. All members have volunteered their time and expertise to the community for the sole benefit of improving connectivity and interoperability for the entire experiences industry.