“Peek sees immense value in collaboration to drive the best experience for both operators and consumers, and the OCTo Specification is helping everyone to achieve this goal. Tech forward industries experience rapid growth when they put resources towards connectivity and integration, and we believe this initiative is going to be a big lever in driving our $200 billion industry to the trillions.”

Janelle Seegmiller

“I know I’m speaking for all of my fellow founding OCTo CEO members when I say, “Finally! It’s about time that we all come together to create these much-needed standards!” I feel like the entire Experiences sector will breathe a collective sigh of relief once our standards have been finalized and put in place to be utilized. Redeam is proud to be among those playing a leadership role in this initiative. When we all work together towards this same objective, the industry as a whole evolves for the better. “

Melanie Meador

“As a long time advocate for standards in travel, I am excited that Rezgo is playing a part in this important and valuable initiative. It is amazing to see so many companies working together to develop something that is bigger than themselves. The OCTo Specification is a demonstration of what an industry can do when it works together for the benefit of all participants rather than just being self focused. In a time when the modus operandi is to win at all costs, it is truly refreshing to see an initiative that helps all players win.”

Stephen Joyce

“We’re on a mission to make culture more accessible and the OCTo Specification allows the industry players to more easily connect with each other. This leads to a better interconnected network that offers the traveler a better experience finding, choosing and enter their way to culture. In the end, museums and attractions benefit, travellers benefit, and the whole experiences industry will grow in quantity and quality. We’re proud to be a part of this great initiative!”

Luuc Elzinga

Having been deeply enmeshed into the tours and activities world for many years doesn’t come without its challenges and connectivity has definitely been a recurring one. It became painfully apparent the industry lacked a unifying standard and common connectivity framework for automation and distribution.

Zaui is proud to be a founding member and contributor to OCTo, a travel activity-first industry standard for digital connecting platforms in the experiences sector.

This initiative has brought together the brightest minds in the tours and activities space for collaboration, and is an unique opportunity for unifying the fragmented experiences sector and galvanizing the travel community.

Activity providers, reservation technology platforms and OTAs all stand to benefit and I’m excited to see how OCTo’s adoption and impact will help us all get the industry further, together.

Kori Fawcett