Who are the members of OCTo?

There are two groups of OCTo members; Voting members and General members. Voting members are organizations who have committed time and resources to the development of the OCTo specification. General members are those members who have committed to using the OCTo specification but who are not actively participating in the development or maintenance of the specification itself. You can see a list of current OCTo members here.

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Can I contribute to the specification?

Absolutely. You are free to provide feedback directly to OCTo members. The feedback will be discussed and considered for inclusion in the OCTo specification. The specification also includes both a core and what are called capabilities, which can be created by any adopter of the OCTo specification. These specifications can be shared with another trading partner in order to support specific functionality that may not be supported by the core specification.

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Is the OCTo Specification open?

Yes. The OCTo specification is an open standard and can be used by any company or organization who wishes to use it. The specification was developed by OCTo members who consist of booking platforms, marketplaces, channel managers, and other related technology companies.

No one company owns the OCTo specification and there is no cost to use the specification.

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What is OCTo?

OCTo stands for Open Connectivity for Tourism and is the organization responsible for the creation, maintenance, and adoption of the OCTo messaging specification.

OCTo members are booking platforms, marketplaces, channel managers, and other related companies who work to develop the OCTo messaging specification.

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