Launch of OCTo Spec

We are very excited about the upcoming launch of an industry standard API specification for the experiences segment of the travel industry.

The Open Connectivity for Tourism (OCTo) Specification is designed to strengthen connectivity between technology platforms by providing a standard structure by which all systems communicate. The OCTo Specification has been developed by the founding members of OCTo, which include representation from online travel retailers, reservation technology providers, channel managers, and ticketing solutions. 

All contributing members have agreed to have a reference implementation in place or have bookings flowing in production using the OCTo specification within the next year.

The OCTo Specification is an answer to the challenges created by the lack of standardization in the in-destination experience sector. Currently, each technology solution in the industry has unique infrastructure, which causes resellers to have to integrate with many different APIs. In order to improve access to data across the industry, the OCTo Specification will use the same basic structure for all communications. After adoption, it will become easier than ever for any two technology partners serving the industry to retrieve product details, check availability, and send bookings to each other.​

The primary mission of OCTo is to improve the outcomes for guests, suppliers, and retailers across the experiences industry. The goal with this initial release is to deliver a set of industry standard system communication specifications to improve connectivity between technology partners, and to drive innovation within the travel experiences industry.

The official launch date for the OCTo specification is March 1, 2020.

The specification will be presented at Arival Berlin at the Connectivity Forum to be held at 1:30 – 3:00pm on Tuesday March 3, 2020. Contact us if you would like us to send you an invitation to attend.