An experience that is available for sale by a supplier or reseller.  Contains the meta data associated with the experience including overview, photos, location, and other descriptive information. The Product may contain one or more bookable Product Units.

Product Option

A version of the Product that corresponds with a variation that may be booked by a consumer and that has a defined availability block.  The Product Option may be a start time or some other variation such as time of day or inclusion variant such as with meal or without meal.  The Product Option contains one or more Product Units that define the pricing.

Product Unit

A version of the Product Option that is available to be booked by a consumer.  The Product Option defines the pricing tiers associated with the option.  The Product Unit may be an “Adult”, “Child”, or could be an item such as a “Bicycle” or “ATV & Driver”.  When booking a Product, a consumer selects the quantity of Product Units they wish to book.


A reseller is an individual or business that sells a tour or activity which they do not own or operator.  Resellers can include OTAs (online travel agents), DMCs (destination management companies), traditional travel agents, activity desks, and concierges.


An organization that provides tour, activity, attraction, event, or excursion services to another organization.